Onsite Corporate Classes:

  • Pilates/Yoga/Meditation Classes can be offered at your location. All that is needed is a room that can fit the desired attendees for the class. Students bring their own mats. We also offer flexible payment options depending on the nature of the contract:
    • Option 1: Company pays per participant/per class fee
    • Option 2: Company pays one flat fee per class
    • Option 3: Company subsidizes the fee & each participant pays a discounted fee per class
    • Note: General estimated pricing is $25 per student per class. Pricing may change depending on group size, and the nature and length of contract.
  • Special Event Workshops – Customized to Fit Theme (Pricing will Vary by Event)

Organization & Small-Group Classes:

  • “Wedding-Party” Bootcamp class
  • Runners-In-Training class
  • Pilates for Golfers
  • Yoga for “Sports Injury” Recovery
  • Guided Meditation for Runners
  • Meditation for Teams
  • Meditation for Support Groups
  • Core Conditioning for Sports Enthusiasts
  • Organized Private Group class
  • Note: Pricing will vary depending on group size and the nature and length of contract.

In-Home Private & Semi-Private Sessions:

  • Semi Private sessions up to 3 people per session
  • Sessions address individual challenges and aspirations, and assessment of progress
  • Teacher travels to you, or we can book a spot at a gym/ fitness center near you
  • $85 per hour
    Add $15 for each additional person.
    Note: Pricing may increase based on driving distance, parking situation, etc.


  • Partner Yoga — Experience a Fun and Exciting approach to Yoga Poses
  • Heart Chakra Opening — Experience a unique approach to accessing your Heart Chakra
  • How to Set Goals and Achieve Them: Using Guiding Principles of Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra — A Preparation and Practice of Yoga Nidra (“Yogic Sleep”)