About Bridgit

Bridgit Farai Charandura Gooden was born in Kadoma, Zimbabwe. As a little child Bridgit was drawn to inversions and various contortions, things not expected of a well-behaved Zimbabwean girl. Her mother quickly realized that she needed to only buy pants for her daughter, and she nicknamed her “Fundu” to symbolize her inability to sit still.

Over the years, Bridgit, an avid athlete, learned that she needed to be a responsible adult with a practical job that would allow her to look after her family. So when she came to the US she chose to study Economics at Knox College in Galesburg, IL. Fortunately it was a liberal arts college, so she was exposed to many other disciplines while pursuing her BA in Economics. She graduated and moved to Chicago to work as a Data Analyst for a Marketing Strategies Consulting company (Ronald J. Krumm & Associates, later known as Analytic Innovations, LLC).

While working in the corporate world, she found the stresses that come with the job negatively impacting her life. She joined the gym to de-stress during lunchtime or after hours. It was at a LifeStart Fitness Wellness Center that she discovered Pilates and Yoga and rediscovered her childhood passion that had been bottled up for years. After an extended period of coaxing and probing from co-workers and close friends, she finally enrolled in Pilates Teacher training in December of 2006 under David Englund of Ultimate Fitness in Evanston,IL, and in 2008 Yoga Teacher Training under Daren Friesen of Moksha Yoga Center in Chicago,IL. In 2009 she enrolled in The Deep Study Meditation Teacher Training with Elesa Commerse. She is now a Certified Pilates Instructor, a Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT), and a Certified Meditation Teacher. She is currently enrolled in The Deep Study II, and continues to explore studies that foster body-mind-spirit connection.

Bridgit has a keen eye for detail and a strong work ethic, which contribute to her teaching style. She is passionate about proper form and alignment, safety in practice, as she challenges her students to grow in their practice. She teaches both beginners and more advanced students and strives to cater to everyone that shows up for class. Bridgit loves serving others and is passionate about work-life balance and cultivating healthy lifestyle choices in herself and her students. Bridgit has been practicing both Yoga and Pilates since 2003. As a teacher, she is committed to learning about a pose, practicing it and then sharing it with her students after she has embodied it. She believes in continuing  education for teachers and she attends at least 6 workshops per year. Bridgit lives in Itasca with her husband, Howard.